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Madeira Beach Florida is a small city, only about 2 miles long, of primarily residential neighborhoods, with predominately waterfront and beachfront homes. A legend states that a pirate by the name of John LeVique was the first European to settle the Madeira Beach area, which is a theme that has carried over most prominently at the John's Pass Village and Boardwalk. This boardwalk is the main attraction of Madeira Beach with 1,100 feet of boardwalk with cafes and shops. John’s Pass along Madeira Beach is the main waterway leading into the Gulf of Mexico, and more Grouper are brought in from fishing boats at this point than any other point in the state of Florida. Each year, Madeira Beach hosts a Seafood Festival at John’s Pass which attracts over one hundred thousand visitors, and has a plethora of great food, music, and arts and crafts. Madeira Beach Florida is one of the most popular cities to live in the Tampa Bay area, and offers a variety of homes and condos for sale.

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